Turn up the heat with Zija’s XMburn!

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advanced thermogenic caps combine natural herbs, including Moringa oleifera, with cutting-edge scientific expertise in a convenient daily capsule.

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We believe that XM burn is providing people with the weight loss results  they want and in turn is revolutionizing the weight management industry.

Zija has discovered  new compounds, natural ingredients, and cutting-edge scientific processes which help maximize the three critical areas of weight control: 1) thermogenic output, 2) focus, and 3) appetite suppression.

1.)  Increased Thermogenic Output

Just slight increases in your metabolic rate can dramatically help you reach your target weight loss goal.

According to biology-online.com, Metabolic rate is defined as: The rate of metabolism, i.e. the amount of energy used in a certain period.

Zija’s XMburn capsules utilize natural compounds to increase your metabolic rate.  With an increased metabolic rate, you should experience greater heat expenditure, which feels like an increase in body temperature followed by a colder sensation as the sweat evaporates.

2.) Enhanced Focus

Many times we eat not because we are hungry but because we are totally bored.

Zija utilizes botanicals in XMburn to help you focus which helps keep your mind from wandering to the refrigerator or the chips in your desk drawer.

3.) Appetite Suppression

Did you know that today the average person consumes between 300-500 more calories per day than  just 30 years ago. These extra calories add up to big problems when consumed day after day. Every 3,500 extra calories  adds up to 1 lb. of fat. By simply decreasing the amount calories (or food) we eat, we can start to utilize our body's own fat reserves to fuel what are body requires.

XMburn helps decrease your appetite, allowing your own fat reserves to be burned for your body's fuel.

XMburn works best when taken in the morning which allows maximum benefits throughout the day. 
(Note:  To prevent  becoming tolerant to the effects of XMburn, it is recommended to alternate monthly with Zija’s XMam Caps.)

XMburn is helping to transform lives because it naturally jump-starts weight loss management.

Turn up the heat with Zija’s XmBURN! This advanced formula combines natural herbs, including Moringa oleifera, with cutting edge scientific expertise in a convenient daily capsule. XM Burn helps increase metabolism and burn calories.